Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter 143

We decided to epair our relationship, but our choice turns the other way. Everything turn worst.

I'm sorry because I tertinggal my hp twice in my car today. But there's nothing fishy going on. First, I was in rush to carry all of my belonging to my room in hostel. I didn't realise that I miss it on car desk board. Once I realise it, I immediately run down and took it. Then I miss it once again inside shaniza's car and that time I was totally late for SRM event in MMU. I'm sorry!! Because of I'm late i ask shaniza and syaza to take my handphone and sent it to SRM room. I went to SRM rom for ZOOM SARAWAK event that will be having this may. This event is organize by Rakan Muda MMU, to help the unlucky kids in Sarawak by teaching them the importants of Information of Technology. They will be taught all the basic things about multimedia which will take us to a very rural area in Sarawak ( i mean jalan tanah merah ok ).

I'm really looking forwards for this event because I really want to challenge my capabilities. We never thought that how we will do for it until we try it. But, this matter ends my relationship to the end of nothing. He decided to end this thing because he felt like being left aside. I didnt spend lots of my time with him like before so I'm sorry. I'll try to be better next time if we still have the chance to be together. I just hope that he'll know that I never want to mix things up between my college life and him. He is always my priority just the point of view that I see in study is different before. I take things to easy and now I want to win this two matter between you and my studies but I lost you. I just thought I could be that person who can get both things that they want.

Your action of deleting me from your facebook might makes you happier. Good luck in your studies and the most inportant is your life.
xoxo, Love you!!!
muhammad afiq hairollah.