Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chapter 54

No words in this world that can describe how deep my love, how much i need, and how hard i want to have you. I never felt this before. You make my life different. You change me and I'm glad for having you. Last night, after meeting you. I know I'm loving the right guy. What do I have now also never be regretted. I thought I'm strong but I'm not. I have never been so weak of a guy.

When I stalk you facebook and myspace, I'm hurt. I know I'm not in you. You will always be in me. Seeing you changing status from married to single, make me hurt. Deleting all of our picture make me missed those moments. Not wanting to meet me anymore just make me cry. When you told me that you're in love with someone else. I just know, she's replacing my place. Maybe I didn't realised who she is that is why I'm totally heart broken right now. Why for the last 2month and a half he's really determined to have me. Although I said that I'm afraid of hurting you in future. But you gave me trust to myself until you change me. Totally change me. First time in my life I felt love, I meant true love until I'm blind of it. Until I'm willing to do whatever for you. You make me promised not to leave you and love you till death apart us. That's what I'm doing before until now. Since the first second you're mine, no other guy have took my heart even for a second. Till now, I'm not letting that to happen.