Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chapter 51

*9th December 2009*

mya + kipp + syaza + banie + shaz + rijal + FATEN =
Faten's Birthday Dinner!!

We had a surprised for Faten last night right at 12am. So tonight dinner was not suspected from her. We are going for dinner at Alamanda as usual. So we went to Pizza Hut because everyone was craving for pizza.But before that Faten and Shaz already inside Alamanda to buy few things then the others went to pizza hut to prepare for the surprise.

Once Faten steps into Pizza Hut, a white box appe
ar in front of her. She was totally surprised. When she
opened the box.
This is what she found.....SWEET KAN!!!

Then all of us pun pay dinner for her. Dia memang xsangka langsung because last night we've told her that we were totally broke unless of buying just a slice of cake for her. Tibe-tibe je dua kali celebrate birthday Faten.

On our way back to MMU, Faten whispered to all of us saying
"Thanks Myra", "Thanks Shaz", "Thanks Syaza", "Thanks Banie"...
We all love Faten so much..
Oooppsss, including that two Uniten boy ( KIPP + RIJAL )..
korang pun best la!!