Monday, December 21, 2009

Chapter 52


today its over,
next day without you,
twenty four hour thinking
are we really have through,
you said that you love me
i'll always trust it's true

yet, i still laying and cry
because i miss you,
how could our love,
bring me to tears,
i honour our time together,
priceless and no dollar could pay us

heart so fragile, when it comes on you,
I stare at the abyss, needing to sleep,
rose are red, colour of my heart begs to bleed
Harden by your loss, I forbid to submit.

doubt, secrets and questionable behavior destroy
nothing could save as me and you
Questions left abundance, answers is not heard,
made undecided, forcing to say goodbye.

you are my ghost haunting me everytime
Wondering could everything last?
it scars your heart and soul…i'm sorry
No explanations needed… that is what I was told.

just now we were lovers, now we were friends
before we were in love,
but i will always wait

I love you with all my heart! please forgive me for everything had happened.
I am sorry!
Nothing else I could say, it seems nothing could change
once again, i love you and no one have encounter your place since the time i started to love you.