Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chapter 47

*2nd December 2009*
mya + kipp + minor ( mik )

I'm studying in my room alone for physic midterm paper tomorrow. Then I had another fight with Kipp.

Gaduh gaduh gaduh n gaduh!!
That's all we can do..maybe thats what we are good at

I da penat nak gaduh but still gaduh, I can just ignore my feeling when I heard him calling his ex name while sleeping. This happend when I called him through his handphone last two nights at about 4.30am and I realised that he's sleep talking (mengigau). So I took the chance to make myself bloom la at first by asking a few question and it turns to nightmare when all the question being answered diffrently than what I thought and the best part is my name not being said even once. While nama orang lain yang dok keluar. SABAR JELA !! mls nk gaduh so buat bodoh jela..

But tonight it turns to a big issue when Mik sent me to clinic but not him. Dia terasa la pulak. I call nak mintak tolong hantar tp he's lepaking with his friend so I mls la nak kacau. I pun say ok la xpela. Then i kne mara coz Mik sent me to clinic. Entah la!!!Xpaham.....