Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chapter 50


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mya + syaza + shaz + banie + kipp = HB3 4015 *MMU Cyberjaya*
We went to Alamanda putrajaya to meet my mom there. Then we were having our dinner at McD Alamanda. We took away because we wanted to celebrate Faten's birthday. While waiting for the clock tick to 12am, we study as usual. Konon-kononnye buat bodo jela. We went to Secret Recipe Cyberjaya. We told Faten taht we just bought a slice of cake and celebrate together inside my car. Kteorg pun dengan suara sedihnyer cakap yang kteorg pokai and xder duit nak celebrate birthday Faten. Just this slice yang kteorg mampu. Kteorg pun makan la ramai-ramai.

Just imagine, a slice of cake being shared by 5 people ( birthday cake ke camtu )???

About 11.57pm, Faten went to toilet then masa tu la bermula nyer kerja kteorg. We switch off the light and light up the cake using ezry's lighter. *THANKS EZRY FOR THE LIGHTER ( sanggup gy amek lighter for faten )*.

When she step into my room all of us sang happy birthday song. Banie and Kipp pulak wish through webbie.
So sweet la kawan-kawan I nie sume. Korang memang adorable!!!

That was the end of this chapter. The best part, I love my friends. They really do appreciate our friendship.

You all are the best chapter that had happen to me. I hope it won't last!

-myra mokhtar-