Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chapter 27 *2nd raya*

*21st September 2009*

mya's family + shasha's family

We went back to our kampung in Malacca. All of my cousins were there, it makes me feel like before. Time da besar nie kteorg da xbrape hangout together. We don't slept each other house anymore.
Rindu jugak la that time!!

We went to my moyang's house. Baru la feel nk raya!! Then we planned to go to Bandar Melaka

( me + my cousins + siblings = fave place to lepaking )

On that day, macam plan je when all of us wears green baju. termasuk la aunty n uncle i except for my parents. We are supposely went to my nenek sedara house nearby but we were too tired so we made a plan. We move there earlier than our parents and we told them that the house was lock and no one is there.hahahha..then we move back and then we went to Bandar Melaka.

Malacca here I come!!