Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chapter 22

*11th September 2009*
HB3 3012 - Multimedia University,Cyberjaya

When the time reaching 12am, all of my roommate will start searching for food. Sedih nyer!! Tp inilah lumrah kehidupan kami sebagai pelajar di MMU ini. Then i nampak ader tuna but without mayo, so I drive to cyberia with faten and shaz. Absolutely dgn baju tido la kami bertiga ( Aziee tinggal cz too busy editting pictures-thanks to Aziee 4 the cutest pictures ever )

I went to the supermarket alone because Faten and Shaz waiting for me inside my car since there were no parking. I masuk je kedai directly to the drinks area, and there's this one negro guy entah la ape name dia n dari mane pun I xdgr sgt. Suddenly, dia tegur I and nak number telephone I amenda la. Body dia gile la besar n tinggi, TAKUT gle!!! And he kept following me when I try 2 escape from him. At last, I gave my maxis number yang I da hilang 2..ahahahaa!!!
Last week da kene ngan negro from LimKokWing yang menggatal dlm kereta, nie MMU lak!! chek xphm la!!
I have a confession to make
" I'm not interested to any negro guy - so please do not approach me coz all of your trick, I just already know! "
The 4 starving hot chix pun masuk la bilik n buat tuna...
ooooppppsss!!! dorg menunggu je sandwich siap, I yang kne buat.

Kenyang la my roommate sume!!!