Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chapter 26 *Raya*

*2oth September 2009*

mya's family

This is the second year for me to celebrate raya in KL. All of my cousins are not happy with my grandma's decicion to celebrate here. But we have to consider because my grandma is not very well so we plan to go back to Malacca on the 2nd day of raya while to Johor on the next sunday. 1st day we went to Klang (shasha's house n to my dad's families). This year made me fell grow up when shasha starts giving 'duit raya' already.hahaha..

byk 2 duit raya from u. (next year tambah lagi tau)

Morning of raya, I celebrate at my house right after that we went to Shasha's house in Klang. Then we went to my dad's side around Klang. Da la panas sesangat on that day!!!Tapi best la coz i still boleh dapat duit raya.. hehehe

At night I went back to Shasha's house. N I still leh main bunga api. Ape lagi meletop2 la.

The best part, kteorg main until neighbours alarm house rang and even cars alarm pun bunyi. Brape banyak rumah n kereta bunyi.hahaha..When it rang lagi bertambah2 la tanduk kteorg sume. Lagi la kteorg syok nk biar bunyi je. When it turn silent, we make it rang again again again n again.

That is my story for the first day of raya!!