Monday, September 14, 2009

Chapter 25

*13th September 2009*
mya + kipp + aziee
Yesterday night, while shisha *3 of us we play a GAME OF TRUTH which reveals everyones secrets. Berpeluh-peluh gak la i nak jawab their questions towards me. 1st question toward me, already makes me @#$^^$# by Aziee. Thanks Aziee for the question , you make me think about it. Time sweating to answer those question , sempat gak i blushing ble Kipp told me and Aziee the truth about his feeling towards me. *winks* blushing sampai xleh cover da.
Those things was recorded by Aziee. Nanti la ye kite sama2 nantikan video tu sementara Aziee nk upload kan.
This game let me knew what he felt towards me and....
kipp : I nak myra
myra : Nak myra watpe??
kipp : Nak myra jadi my girlfriend, special girlfriend. Tp now too early, yela korg pun tau kan kteorg baru kenal 3minggu je kan.
myra : Tau xpe. U rase u kenal I ke and you xnyesal ke?
kipp : Tu la pasal I nak kenal you lebih dalam lagi and mcm Aziee cakap, feelings tu xleh nak stop. It comes when it comes.
And mcm2 lagi la..bla bla bla bla
I'm speechless
Honestly, this game was not being planned. It happened when we were too bored shisha, lagi2 ble bro 2 belanja kteorg shisha another tong.
On that night, I also buat pengakuan berani mati. Telling Kipp the truth that Im not a really good girlfriend because Im not as good as what he think.
I need a boyfriend that really concern and spend 100% time, effort and his heart towards me. hehehe!!!
I think Kipp is a really nice guy which I can click with him just in a few days. He's a nice friend, hope jangan la now je baik nanti da lame2 reveal the truth side of him. Hope xla er!!