Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chapter 20

9th September 2009 - 1oth September 2009

mya + aziee + kipp + rijal

Everynight the four of us will not stay at room because we have a disease of

' kutu embun '

Aziee and I (MMU students) while Kipp and Rijal ( UNITEN students),

mmg akan bersepah-sepah around Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Seksyen 15 Bangi, Kg Baru, Rooftop Bukit Bintang and Pavilion. Minyak kereta mya and kipp la yang akan kering....

Last night we decided to hangout at Bangi Kopitiam (seksyen 9-if im not mistaken) because Aziee and I have to do our Physic Lab report. Malas nk buat dlm bilik, so kteorg pun kuar la. We were there from 10.30pm to 12.40am (until kedai da tutup la ) then we move to McD Bangi near Plaza PKNS. Imagine we stay there from 12.40am till 5.15am.

Kipp lets us watch

Testico (a tv series),

a really stupid movie that makes my night full of laugh.

Gelak sampai xingat dunia la...sorry to the other customers if bising..hehehe

Then we took pictures using Rijal's webbie..We really adore to be infront of camera!!

Naqib Esa (aka Kipp) buat keje GLE when he sang 'TRY from Jesse Barera' song for me!!

Entah la betul ke tak, tp I mmg blur until nothing i can do or say - speechless. He's such a sweet guy..SERIOUSLY no jokes bout this.

This video prove that i mmg ngek ngok la. Just nothing.hahahha