Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chapter 86


14th March 2010 is Kamil's birthday. Since he came back to KL this weekend so I thought of celebrating his birthday on that 14th itself. But his family had a plan for his birthday celebration on the 14th so I celebrate his day on 13th March 2010 for dinner.

We went to Italianese at the Gardens. I invited my roommate Fatin to join but she insisted. Mengada2 xnak ikut!!
Then we went for dinner and he's quite surprised to know that I'm celebrating his birthday.
So sweeeeet la myra nie!!! hahahaha

Can you imagine, we start our dinner at 8pm and we came out from the restaurant by 10.40pm. Gila la lame!! Maybe da lama xlepak, so we talked a lot!!! At that night, I can see a few changes in him than him for the last 4years.

- He is taller, getting taller and taller ( taller than me, tp now berbeza sgt )
- He is bigger and bigger ( skinny and small )
- He talk more than before ( if dulu, I je kne cakap )
- He can make me laugh ( blur and serious je )
- I can feel he's changing to be a CROCO!!! ( dulu pemalu gila ngn prempuan )

other than this I xperasan

I thought of lepaking with him until 12am, so that I can sing happy birthday song live for him. But entah la cmne boleh terbalik awl. So once I reach my room, I called him and sang Happy Birthday song on the phone. As I remember I have never done this before to him. Kelakar jugak la and can you imagine dia nk record.. gila ke ape!! But at least, I penah celebrate birthday dia.
So Kamil, it's proven that I remember your birthday. My birthday ape lagi, u kena la buat as we planned that night!!! hehehehe

* Tu la sapa suruh balik KL, if not my friends and I leh celebrate kt Penang as I planned*