Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chapter 88

88 is my lucky number and I really love the number "8".
But my chapter 88 is not a great chapter for me and my baby

But, what am I gonna write is not lucky at all. My dear beloved darling got summon because of me. Actually it is not really my fault. It is my mom's fault since she insisted me to parked my car at the road side because we couldn't find any parking at Jalan Duta area. I have told her that my dear baby will get summon and I don't want it to get her first summon. My mom tired to wait for parking so I have to parked at the road side too.

Once I got back to my car.. Teng teng teng!!!!!
Me and my baby got a present from Jabatan Polis Trafik Kuala Lumpur..

Mama should learn her lesson. I told mama rather than her paying the police Rm300 it is better for her to pay me discount Rm200 and let me stay in the car or just keep moving the car which couldn't charge me much. Mama just xkisah!!! Xpaham betulah la mak cik sorang tu..

So that is my first summon for my baby..
Sorry baby, I promise it could not happend again n again n again.. nanti kita marah mama ok??