Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chapter 80

To be in a good and long lasting relationship, the key is "Matured".
Whatever we do, we have to think twice or trice or even more before making any decisions. Relationships come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them require maturity to create a lasting emotional bond. Starting a relationship is the easy part, but making it last requires patience and understanding. Learning to overlook mistakes and to look forward into the future are the key elements of a mature relationship.
  1. 1. Define your relationship and be clear about your intentions. Mostly, how you act in the early stages of a relationship will certainly be different than your actions a year or two later. Although your feeling towards your partner has change to more or less love, do not jump to conclusion.

    2. Give your partner room to breathe. Of course not spending time with each other at all means you are giving him much space. A relationship cannot grow if you never spend any time together but the relationship will get stronger when we learn to stay apart. Part of being in a mature relationship is trust. If you cannot trust someone, you cannot have a healthy, mature relationship. Trust is very important thus it teach us not to take advantage over the trust given by your partner which lead you to a loyal type of person.

    3. Forgive and forget. Everyone make mistake just the different is how you handle the pass. Past should make us think more and be an adult. In a relationship nothing ruins relationships faster than holding onto the past. If you have chosen to forgive your partner for something and continue your relationship, than you must put it in the past. Yes of course there are some pass that can't be forgiven especially if its related to the other parties. Accepting who your partner is will always needed every time you are together.

    4. Focus on good qualities instead of bad ones. Everyone has their good and the bad sides, we have to learn how to handle the bad side because normally the bad side will only be an argument. Only the bad side that will be talk about without thinking the other gazillion good side of the partner. Your partner may forget to call if he's going to be late or leave his socks on the floor, but the roses he brings home or the lawn that he meticulously takes care of is a much better focal point. You have to learn and think thousand of time about your relationship at the pass when all the hard time been through together and all the sweet promises being said by yourself is it honestly from your heart that time? Then why all in a sudden, just for the little bad thing every single thing you are willing to ignore

    ~ Everyone should learn and understand why are we in a relationship. Whether are we really need this relationship or not before hurting or destroying someones hearts and life. Sometime, sacrifice that being made by your partner is huge and nothing can compare but just for the sake of your maturity, it remains silents