Friday, March 26, 2010

Chapter 89

Mya + Ezry + Benu + Micah + Zul + Faris + Mat + Zou + Poney + Iff

All of us planned to go for go-kart in Sepang. But, once we were there, the place was closed. It is only open on friday, saturday and sunday. We lost hope and played 'ice water'.
Most of children do play this game. Main kejar-kejar la!!
I really love that night because we can see so many stars on the sky. They seems beautiful. And Faris teman I tengok bintang.

Then we moved to Malice. Sedaaaaaaaaapp sgt dapat makan char kuey teow dia.
( udang banyak - kerang lagi )

Da puas mkn and kenyang, we moved to Andalus for shisha. We hangout all together until 3am. Although we were so frustrated because our main planned to play go-kart has to be cancelled but we still enjoy the moments with our friends..

They are really nice guys!!! Thanks guys for inviting me to play go-kart with all of you...ngeee