Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter 33 ( Euphoria )

*22nd October 2009*
mya + aziee + benu + adrin + ezry + mikah + faris + acap + rizal = MOS, sunway
faiq + 2 mmu melaka guy + uniten guy = faiq's cliques
I already planned to go to euphoria with Faiq a few days before but suddenly, I have so many things to be done which turn me down to euphoria that night. Plus Aziee whose's not going. Lagi lagi lagi la xder mood. Then I thought of changing plan for shisha at Andalus but everyone just not feeling like going out that night. So the planned turn up side down again. Then I decided to sleep. Then out of sudden, Aziee screamed asking me to wake up and told me she's going to euphoria with me.
I sayang gle kt u!!!
I just know you won't leave me alone, right??? hehehe

And he told me we're going with FCM guys.
( gle la segan!! because I've never talk or even know them before,OK la - new friends )
Thankful to them because teman kn kteorg. At least ader bodyguard.. n they are nice guys!! =)

they were aziee's n myra's protector for the night!!


Before we get into MOS, kenyang kn perut dulu la. THEN...

tp it will be great if bf i yg tercinta ikut sekali. i will always remember you dear!!

Right after enjoying ourselves, we moved back to MMU. Before that we went to Js Maju for a drink. Tu pun I, Aziee, Ezry, Adrin and acap je. The others da nk balik and tido!!!

I pun da ngantok sesangat tu la pasal drive cam org gile,
nk kejar kan katil!!!!
Once balik je bilik... APE LAGI, TERUS DIVING ATAS KATIL LA!!! sampai malas nak gy class the next day!!

The End