Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 30

*10th October 2009*

mya + kipp + aziee + rijal = Sky Bar Traders Hotel, the Apartment Curve, Rasta TTDI

Tonight supposely to be Rijal's night because aziee , kipp and mya planned a surprised birthday celebration for Rijal. But I it turned to be my and Rijal's night when kipp did somthing sweet to me. hehehe.

I miss you babe!!
We went to Traders Hotel KL, Sky Bar at first but unfortunately the place were packed with people. We have to wait for seats and Kipp started to make faces because for him the place is too noisy and pack. That night I'm wondering why without purpose he wanted a peaceful place to hangout while before he'll be the one whose smiling to that kind of place. So we moved to Laundry, the curve since the night were still young. Once we were there, Aziee said she wanted to go to the apartment where we can talked and relaxing.

I and Kipp went to Pavilion before to buy my dress and Rijal's birthday cake. So we make a surprised to him with the cake and we bought Esprit watch for him ( aziee + kipp + ashriq + mya ). He was extreamly shocked when he saw the watch.

Then Kipp were so brave and being so sweet towards me. hehehe. I love it but Aziee and Rijal said that we were to serious about it.

Thanks Kipp!!!

Then we went to Rasta for late night dinner and shisha.
We just love Rasta so damn fucking much.
And there it change my life.huhu =)
now I gf orang, so no one should came across the line. For the first time public viewers, I'm belong to Kipp Esa!! I love you damn crazy freaking fucking deadly love you...

Thats all from me for this chapter. I da xtau nk merapu ape benda. tu jela!!!