Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chapter 32 ( Papadom )

*15th October 2009*

mya + syaza + shaz + faten + banie = Alamanda

That day, our class supposely finished at 6.00pm but the tutorial class starts on the 2nd week. So our lecture class ended at 2.00pm and we were jobless since Aziee ( the one with car this week ) have to rushed back to Gombak her aunty's house for funeral ceremony.

So we decided to go to Alamanda by bus..hehehe. 1st time on bus since I left school years. Lagi2 kt Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, absolutely xpenah la kn. Quite excited with it!!!huhu

We watched PAPADOM!!! Interesting story line. I just not so into Liyana Jasmay but the story is great.
It makes me thinking of my dad.
Suddenly I miss him and felt like going home that night. I gave 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.

Then we took bus to MMU again. While exchanging bus at Putrajaya Sentral, Aziee called me and invited me to meet Kipp and Rijal. So Aziee picked me up there and took them to JS Maju. That day, I had a fight with Kipp and the worst of it. He didn't come for me. I'm so frust and thousands came across my mind about his action. Then everthing settle down and I know the reasons of his action. And okay la!!!

That's all I could say.