Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chapter 76

7th February 2010

my family and I went to Pavilion. My mom thought of window shopping and to buy few household thingy. But, I tak tahu la pulak this guy who is keep following my butt lately pun dijemput oleh mama. Mama invite him to join because mama knew that we had a small fight since I forgot to be his cheerleader during his football match the week before. One whole week he's not talking to me. So mama asked him for dinner with us and he agreed to join.

Luckilly I have ordered MyAdi shoes which was ordered specially for him. I've ordered at Adidas Pavilion. He loves blue so much so I choose blue as the base and red lace. Biar semua orang nampak his shoes. I mintak the person to custom made the shoe with his signature on it. Tapi I want it fast so xsempat la nk buat. But, I'm still thankful because Adidas can entertain my needs although I mintak cepat siap. sorry la if the person whose doing the shoe xcukup tdo just nk siapkan the shoe.

Dia terkejut beruk la bila I cakap I bought the shoe for him. And it fits him nicely. Size accurate.. Salute la babe!!
Once he saw the shoe, he smile and
just say

thanks babe.
I love you, i love you, i love you, i love you.. byk kali and kiss my forehead!!!
Sampai I yang malu and cakap da la.

At first I thought of buying kasut bola for him, the custom made punya la. The MyAdi tapi over badjet la pulak. Boots to the cheapest for MyAdi is RM6OO+++. Gila la!! I know he's gonna look gorgeous in those boots especially with his signature.

Nanti la k. On your birthday I buy the boot for you. But you jangan nak mengada-ngada merajuk dengan I da after this. If you do, I tembak you!!

muah muah!!
*He's just someone that I close right now but nothing going on between us. I love you!!! I love you as my beloved friend*

picture i'll upload later ok..MyAdi mmg hot la weyh!!