Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chapter 38

*5th November 2009*

mya + aziee + shaz + faten + ezry + benu + zulhilmi + faris + micah + ikki + afnan = Thursday gang

Supposely, the girls gonna have a bowling tournament with the guys at Midvalley but last minutes the guys cancelled the bowling thingy. So we walked around Midvalley and window shopping then went for bowling. The players were mya, aziee, shaz and faten ONLY!!!!
Guess who's the winner... MYA!!!!!

Tengok la brape kali STRIKE in a row!!!

Right after the game we moved to Andalus at Jalan Ampang for shisha. There is the place where we met those guys. We lepaking there like our own house. Everything was all over, berserepah sekali.

Habis je shisha those guys ajak the girls for COD at V2 ( Wangsa Maju ). We got there for late dinner first because we were starving but the guys tooooo obssesed with games until they just go for the games. When we're done with our food, we joined them for the game. Entah pape la jadi. Ader nama players faraise, benu hot, aziee hot, jgn buli ikki n mcm2 lg la.

It was a great night. The next morning I'm moving to Krabi.