Monday, July 12, 2010

Chapter 102


Things that make me miss him...
~ miss watching movie marathon
~ went for stupid movies as long we watch every movies that were screen
~ be jobless all night long
~ merempat doing stupid things
~ went to Dataran Merdeka try to discover all kind of people's life
~ went to Genting at 11pm and be back to KL by 4 or 5am for class in the morning
~ drink Air Mata Kucing at Petaling Street
~ online all night long
~ watch stupid videos when we were bored online
~ went for hot spring at Selayang
~ miss Char Kuey Teow at Mali's
~ playing pool and i'll cry so that he'll let me win ( he'll always win )
~ play bowling and win ( i will always win )
~ planning for our next holiday together
~ go shopping
~ seeing he bought cloth that he don't like but still bought it bcause i like it
~ went to IKEA just because I'm craving for Curry Puff
~ eat Daim cake at IKEA
~ go to Uptown for new movie DVD and watch at Kak Sha's house
~ riding motorcycle with him all around KL ( although he don't like it )
~ gaduh with him just to make him say sorry and give me what I want
~ make him more pening when everytime we fight, i ask for DKNY perfume
~ everytime he reminds me bout his birthday, he reminds me bout Onitsuka Tiger and new watch
~ see his angry face whenever I'm wearing tooooo less materials cloth
~ miss when he says that I'm a TAIKO then i'll laugh and cryyyy
~ miss when he says that I should be more sweet, jgn macho sgt!!!!
~ his face was like "aarrrrggghhhhh" when I keep saying the same thing
~ when i ask what or which one he like. he'll ask what i like bcs I won't pick he one the like
~ sleeping in front of TV at my house after watching movies, in the morning mama will selimutkan

* I just miss everything about him. We do so many things together and he give a smile back to my face. Thanks dear!!!! Now, everything change. We fight a lot, less spending time together. I have 3movies that need to be watch. Still waiting for you, but seems like everytime I'm free you'll be busy.. Ehhhmmmm!!!! *taking deep breath
I da malas nk gaduh ngn u, so please stop la gaduh ngn I.

_myra 12.07.10_