Monday, May 3, 2010

Chapter 102

I'm going to write this chapter in malay but I will begin the conversation in english first because this is the conversation between me and my 5 YEARS OLD LITTLE SISTER ADLYANA.
This is a true story with no edit


Semua ni jadi pada last few days bila I balik umah from college. As usual, sampai je rumah my little sister pun sibuk la berkepit dengan I. Then, dia lari2 go and take her KINDERGARTEN ENGLISH BOOK downstairs and ask me to help her out with her homeworks. Without questions, I helped her with all the colouring and etc. Suddenly she ask me.....

adlyana : Kakak, why Miss Aida said I nie child but if kakak, adlyana children??
me : owh, because child is for singular and children for plural
adlyana : children with no "s" because children already show many
me : (so impress for a small girl can recognise those grammatical errors) Good girl. Pandai mcm nie kakak belanja ice-cream laa..

# then suddenly I remember about something I read before posted by a 19th year old girls spells people to peoples and she repeats the same mistake lots of time

me : Adlyana how do u spell "person"
adlyana : P E R S O N!!!
me : How do you spell person for plural
adlyana : P E O P L E!!!
me : wah!!! pandai nyerrrr

Now I am wondering. Is my little sister is too brilliant for she is too dumb. Kindergarten can realised those mistakes but why can't you. Oooppss sorry!!!

I xpaham la ngn org cmtu. I berbangga yg dia ada effort utk nk cuba berbahasa inggeris tetapi dia da memalukan diri dia sendiri. Nasib baik la ape2 dia post xappear kt I. If appear sakit gak pale tgk cmtu. Baik ko gy copy and paste jela any phases to post. Nak kata xpandai xkan la boleh masuk Universiti. Pelik gak kat situ. My advice, pls la cari tutor utk ajar u nie. susah nnti. Some people pandai berbahasa inggeris tp bila tulis hancur, while some of them pandai tulis tp berbahasa pulak hancur. But for you I xnpk ape2. Bukan kata nk tunjuk pandai tp ramai yg realise those errors. Sebelum org lain kutuk ko and suruh ko cakap BM je, baik aq rase ko gy la belajar lagi.. For your own good babe!!! I wish you luck.