Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter 154

During Ramadhan, everyone sibuk mengejar untuk berbuka puasa. Same goes to me!!!...hee. After a very hectic day, breaking fast is the moment that I'm looking forward to preparing with all kind of foods and drinks. But, we should not forget to bersahur as well. Sahur not only gives you strength for the whole day but.. makes Ramadhan even sweeter than other months. So, back to the topic. Bersungguh2 mencari tempat berbuka yg best and as expected we always faced full house, full house, full house, sorry miss! argh.. this year, mostly berbuka around cyberjaya only. Padi, Old Town, Mat Ayam Kampung, Fish Castle.. boring!!!

But, I still have great berbuka in few places...

aunty aini's place.. great place for garden dinner

ben's pavillion

mcdonald with assignments

last minute secret recipe

prince hotel dim sum

ben's pavillion

share with me other great places for berbuka!!! :)


beribadah dan bersyukur

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 154


Although I'm not fashion design student but I'm a girl who loves nice clothes, bags, shoes and of course accessories as well. Fashion will not complete without those bracelets, necklace, earring, headbands, and many more right. I buy clothes based on the design and as well my pocket ( kalau kepala agong banyak mahal la kita beli, if not beli yg murah untuk lepaskan penyakit nk kena beli jugak tu je..hahahah )

If before I love Zara, Gaps, Topshop, Ralph Lauren and Miss Sixty for trousers because brand lain mesti xcukup panjang.. NOW I'm addicted with online shopping that is ASOS. It's an international online shopping that provides all kind of brands in one site. Easy for me to choose and compare actually. But Miss Sixty will always be my favourite brand for pants. Girls go go go and shop from this site because they will send the purchases directly in front of your doorsteps. :)

Right after buying, of course it is time to get into them. I love to read WHO WHAT WEAR site that will give you ideas for the current fashion and through fashion icons how the rack the clothes. Another site of course LOOKBOOK which is very helpful as it is more general in fashion. You can search fashion ideas that suits your attitude and of course climate.

Happy shopping and discover new fashion for yourself as everyone is beautiful in every shapes and colours.

Chapter 153

Another drink that makes me keep looking for it everyday is BUBBLE TEA!

Although it is not that healthy, but it is not that bad. As if you choose to drink the fruit juices added with the black pearl it is still good right.. The closest outlet that serve Bubble tea is in Alamanda Putrajaya as I'm studying in MMU Cyberjaya it will only takes me around 10minutes for me to get this heavenly made drink. My favourite will be Mango ice blended with the pearl in Little Taiwan. The kiosk is totally in front of Carrefour opposite Aunties Anne's. Another brand that I always visit for this drink is CoolBlog. Thanks to my lovely sister for introducing me this drink. Sayang nana!!! She is the best food commentator, as she never let me down even once. CoolBlog I will always wants the Blue Coral, Honey Dew, Chocolate, Vanilla Banana, and Lime Soursop. I introduce this drink to Ziera and she was so excited until nk buka outlet selling this drink..hhahaha. *semangat

Love you babe, Hope you are having a great time doing you Umrah and will be blessed. Have a safe journey home dear. Miss you already!! :)

Chapter 152

It has been ages I didn't write in here. I have so many things in my head what to write but I just don't have time for it. Today I want to share with everyone about this drink that really helpful for girls out there whose having problem as I did " PERUT BUNCIT ". Like seriously I put a lot of weight lately.

I have been drinking this everyday for the past 1 week. They have a challenge to drink it for 14 days and you will realize change to your tummy. For the first time, I'm admitting IT DOES REALLY WORK!!! hahahahahahah ( bangga sikit la )

Nampak la little bit smaller to my balloon. Now I won't get terapung anymore. :)
Everyone should try because after drinking this yogurt drink memang confirm kejar toilet. Routine ke toilet lebih lancar dan lawas. That's why you tummy will get slimmer kot. So I will continue drinking this delicious drink. I recommend Mixed Fruit flavour, memang sedaap sangat.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

chapter 151

why everything is so messed up? keeps coming in my head. Am I not needed anymore? or I'm just too blind to see a thing.
You said this would last forever but I doubt about it,
are we lost in time, are your love still the same?

my feeling are just too messed up. i don't know what to write, what I feel, what I want to express, what to do, I'm just lost.. lost in loving you so much because loving you drives me crazy!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Chapter 150

Happy ANNIVERSARY 1year 1month my dear Afiq!!!

I love you with all my heart,
love is in the air!!!